National Security Database (NSD) is a prestigious empanelment program awarded to credible & trustworthy Information security experts with proven skills to protect the National Critical Infrastructure & economy of the country.

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  • Insight: Penetration Testing online exam

    online exams

    Penetration testing is the most popular program in NSD and applied by maximum number of students. We have taken great efforts to provide maximum reference and quality content to enable the student actively study and research before attempting the first level of NSD – the online Associate exams. In this post, we try to answer […]

  • Research Internships

    research internships

    The NSD Research Internships provide an opportunity for qualified students to participate and gain experience on various research projects from ISAC. The following research areas are available: At ISAC, we understand that most interns who have the skills do not have orientation for time bound research and development. The students who qualify to be a […]

  • Student FAQ

    student FAQs

    What is the difference between NSD Associate and NSD Professional Exams? Empanelment Type Associate Level Professional Level Aptitude Test Yes Yes NSD Online Exam Yes Yes NSD Lab Exam No Yes NSD Psychometric Test No Yes* Placement Assistance No Yes Qualified for Security Clearance¬† No Yes Validity 1 year 2 years How do I register […]

How to apply in NSD

There are many ways by which you can be a part of National Security Database program.

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  • Direct Exams

    Anyone can apply for direct exams of NSD to prove their technical skills. We strongly recommend minimum three years of professional work experience related to Information security before applying for the examinations.

  • Research

    Professionals who demonstrate an aptitude for research and successfully qualify to present papers at various prestigious Information security conferences such as MalCon can be considered for direct empanelment in NSD.

  • Experience

    Professionals and thoughtful Industry leaders who have over five years of direct experience in the Information security domain with credible contribution to the security community can be nominated for empanelment in NSD.